Pets Best Pet Insurance Contest

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A huge THANK YOU to all my clients who voted for me in the National Pets Best Pet Insurance contest "My Vets the Best".  We gave it a HUGE try considering what a new little hospital we are.  Thanks again for your vote and confidence! Dr. Tremblay

Here's the letter that won the national nomination for "My Vet's the Best" submitted by Julie and Nikita

"Dr. Tremblay is the epitomy of "hands on care".  She is the ONLY vet in her clinic so she gets to know the animals AND the owners on a personal level.  Pets are much more at ease, as are the owners, who can trust her, and know that she is familiar with all the habits, curiosities and specialties of each pet.  My dog is sooo relaxed going to the vet.  I also have to commend her for her empathy, and true compassion- she doesn't play "tough guy"- she cries with you and feels your pain.  My first encounter with this wonderful woman was to learn my dog of 12 years had bone cancer...I was having a hard time finding a vet I could trust- and went to her- the connection was immediate.  She helped us keep Makai alive as long as possible- and led us when it was "time".   My other dog- she never met-until the fateful day a stroke took her life- and again, Dr. Tremblay showed love, compassion, and friendship.  Soon after, she planted trees in their honor- and she never really knew them!!  There was NO doubt I found the vet for the rest of my, and my new rescue Nikita's, lives.  She is knowledgeable, fair, and tries to work with you on cost saving options.  She introduced me to Pets Best Pet Insurance.  But her compassion is the KEY to my nomination."

And the second nomination submitted by Sally and her kids Swifty, Toes, Dammi, Fonzie, and Alice

"Dr Tremblay gave tender loving care to my cat who broke his ankle falling out of a tree.  Told us how to care for him.  He is now all healed up."

Thanks again to all of you for your kind words.  I'm humbled by the experience of being your vet and your friend.  I will always be here when you need me.  Dr. Tremblay